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NEXT PUBLIC License To Carry Class: FEBRUARY 22nd 9:00am-4:00pm 

Our Private License to Carry course is offered with your busy schedule in mind and is as flexible as necessary, regardless of whether you need training on Tuesday or a Saturday.

Public courses offered once a month for your convenience!

The course offered is the State requirement of qualification on the range and 4-6 hours of classroom instruction and a 50 round proficiency demonstration


Texas License to Carry classroom portion, NRA Basic Pistol classroom, First Steps, and even the Basic Tactical classroom portions can be done in the privacy of your home


Whether you are a professional business owner, or a professional mom, we can make sure you are confident and educated allowing you to remain comfortable with your decision to own or carry and use a gun.

Receive high-quality professional training from Close Contact Tactical based in San Antonio, TX. Whether you are just starting out with an introduction to the firearm or are a seasoned shooter, our training can provide you with hands-on instruction in a personal setting that you are comfortable with.

As a leading provider of firearm training, we take pride in offering the best personalized service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

We offer NRA basic pistol instruction, Texas License to Carry (TLC), and 2 levels of tactical pistol. Our Carbine courses are student-ability driven and taught by professionals with government/military and civilian training experience.  We also offer specific training to help you increase your personal protection skill sets, allowing you to understand the environment you live and work in, not just generic course work on the range.  

We provide you with choices:  For some courses, the instructor can come to your home or we will provide a classroom for instruction, followed by the appropriate amount of range time to help you develop the skills necessary to be a responsible firearm owner. We provide the training on your schedule, and we encourage class rosters that include your friends and colleagues.  Keeping the classroom full of familiar faces allows you to relax and enjoy the learning environment.  Focusing on small, familiar class sizes ensures you will get the attention you deserve.  

We developed these programs with the express conviction that if you are going to take on the responsibility of carrying or owning a firearm, you need to be comfortable with it.  With that goal in mind, we strive to optimize the learning environment.  We avoid the anonymous large groups because not everyone gets individualized attention in that environment. It is our goal to produce confident and skilled firearm owners at all levels of experience.

Please review this to determine where your skill level rests if you are relatively new to shooting

 All courses require pre-registration and payment at least 48 hours prior to class date.

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