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License to Carry Information

Texas Department of Public Safety License to Carry (LTC) Course is required to carry a handgun on your person in Texas with a few exceptions.

For a PRIVATE LTC COURSE, maximum of 8 students to ensure a quality course of instruction in a learning environment that is comfortable for you and your fellow students.  Larger private classes are conducted at the discretion of the instructor.  Cost is $400.00 and can be done at the range classroom or in-home!

Public courses are available monthly.  Next Public LTC 18 Jan starting at 9:00am

Sign up under the "Scedule a course" tab and dont forget to click on the "Pay for your course" tab separately to hold your place in class!!

$15.00 cash only range fee is not included 

Go to the Schedule a course tab to sign up.

Please Note: this course is not meant to teach you how to use your brand new or never before fired gun.  We are happy to provide other courses of instruction to prepare you for the responsibility of carrying your gun daily. 

The Texas Legislature dictates the course be 4-6 hours of instruction in the laws that relate to weapons and the use of deadly force, handgun use and safety, storage practices to prevent injury to a child, and non-violent dispute resolution, as well as a shooting/handling PROFICIENCY qualification.  

What you'll need:

A serviceable handgun of ANY CALIBER 

50 factory-made cartridges for your handgun, for each shooter

Required safety gear for the range:

Eye Protection
Ear Protection
weather-appropriate clothing
***A note for the ladies: Avoid low cut tops!  Fired brass ejecting can hurt and create a safety hazard when you react to the pain!***
Ball cap
Closed-toe shoes appropriate for range conditions

Optional gear for the range:

Hydration source
2 serviceable magazines for your pistol

Follow these steps to obtain your LTC:

Go to and navigate to NEW USER and click APPLY for a new LTC. 

                        NOTE--If you have previously applied OR allowed your old license to expire AND you want to change your status or the information in some way, click the appropriate button for "returning user LOGIN" to see if you are still active in their system. 

                        NOTE--If at any point in this process, you become confused or unable to proceed,you can EMAIL, or call the TXDPS regulatory services division Handgun Licensing section for further instructions.  You may also use this link to SUBMIT your final documents for approval to the state by selecting the appropriate drop-down for supporting documents.

As you are completing the LTC application, you will be prompted to get fingerprinted.  You should go ahead and deal with this now because getting around to coming back to it may be more irritating for you later on. 

You'll navigate this page: to find a place and time you want to be fingerprinted.  Don't worry about printing out or carrying anything to the appointment.  The agent will sign a receipt and give it to you, and you will have to include it with the supporting documentation when you complete your application.

So, now you have applied and have your fingerprint date.  Go ahead with your LTC course and be sure to put the form that the instructor gives you in with the rest of the supporting documentation.

YOU WILL SCAN IN AND EMAIL your Class completion form (LTC-100) the instructor gives you to this link

Texas has several DISCOUNTS available for the LTC fee.  Any discount will require a copy of your supporting documents for that specific discount. For example, a copy of your DD-214 for a veterans or a copy of current orders for active duty military and so on. Look at this link for the discounts:

                       NOTE--if you are NOT a Texas resident applying for a LTC, you can NOT scan your passport photos to email.  You must "snail mail" your photos.  A separate form (LTC-6 photo holder) will be available from your instructor, or you can download one from:HTTP://