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We are not limited to basic classroom instruction. We provide you with the level of quality instruction you are looking for. One of our primary goals is to maintain a setting that is comfortable for beginners and still offer the seasoned shooter a chance to experience a dynamic shooting environment with the opportunity to improve his or her skill set.

One of Sean's favorite sayings is, "The ultimate goal is to be better regardless of your skill level.  Whether it is to carry concealed on a daily/professional basis or just having the knowledge to manipulate and employ the chosen firearm with confidence".  He expanded on this thought with the addition of, "There are many reasons a person would seek to expand their knowledge and skills with the gun, but in my opinion, the mindset of the shooter in the dynamic situation and the skills required to handle it, are the most important."   Throughout his training experience, he has noticed that most of his eager students were unaware of the critical factors that would help them make the right decisions during a shoot/no-shoot situation.  The students could engage the targets with a fast trigger, but they would lose focus when faced with multiple targets and even minor stresses like a shot timer beeping in their ear.  Developing this focus is one of the primary steps in threat environment and is filled with infinite possibilities.

For the person who isn't as confident as they would like to be with carrying a concealed handgun, or is interested in their first firearm purchase, we provide a customized course called Preparing to Carry.  Check out the tab on the website.

As a leading provider of firearms training, we take pride in offering the best personalized service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day.

Sean Deboy

  The owner and one of the instructors here at Close Contact Tactical. He is an NRA certified pistol instructor and a certified Texas License to Carry instructor. Level III and IV PPO licensed private security. A Retired 20 year military veteran with over a dozen deployments in support of everything from Operation Southern Watch to Operation Enduring Freedom, Sean has multiple tours in Afghanistan and the Middle East. He has been instructing firearms courses for people in all walks of life for over 12 years.


Anthony (Tony) Orosco

Bio to follow

Kaila Seid

  Kaila Seid is a disabled Army Veteran and has been teaching self-defense for ten years. She co-instructed combative classes while in the service and spends her free time teaching at local women's shelters to victims of domestic abuse. She first began teaching self-defense in Kansas City, MO, and now teaches in San Antonio, TX. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a Concentration of Family and Child Services from the University of Phoenix.

 Kaila works at 5.11 Tactical and in her spare time, along with teaching self-defense, she is a certified/trained volunteer with the San Antonio Police Department. Kaila fights alongside the city, advocating against domestic violence. While volunteering with SAPD, she rides to calls and helps women and children find security in local shelters. She has access to resources that assist in family cases such as legal aids, local food pantries, and free counseling and housing while at the shelter.

During Kaila’s class you will learn crucial skills such as spatial and situational awareness. You will learn to control your mindset in order to be properly prepared for critical situations. Kaila will provide you with all the information you need as well as hands on training to make sure you are equipped with the appropriate knowledge to defend yourself and successfully escape. She hopes that by taking her class women will feel empowered and leave the term “victim" behind.

Instructor D

  Instructor D is an Army veteran from Vietnam who specializes in the body mechanics of the shooter.  This specialization allows him to focus on the areas that require improvement and build on those areas that do not.  His gift for observing and adjusting the client to perform complex motor skills and reinforce those skills through repetition until muscle memory is a skill few instructors posses.  If you are fortunate to work with D, i promise you will walk away with more usable and practical information than you ever thought possible.

Instructor D does not do photos.  please leave your camera and cell phone in your pocket.