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Course Descriptions and Prices

NOTE: All courses require pre-registration and payment at least 48 hours prior to class date.


Cash only $15 range fee is NOT included in these prices.


Required safety gear for the range:

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • weather-appropriate clothing
  • ***A note for the ladies: Avoid low cut tops!  Fired brass ejecting can hurt and create a safety hazard when you react to the pain!***
  • Ball cap
  • Closed-toe shoes appropriate for range conditions

Optional gear for the range:

  • Hydration source
  • 3 serviceable magazines for your gun
  • Sunscreen 
  • Gloves 
  • Knee pads

Please contact us if you have any questions!        





3 core courses developed to offer you the skills for confident carry of a handgun on a daily basis for personal defense. 

Only thinking about owning a handgun and don't own one yet?  Join us for Core 1 to understand fit, function and gear options to consider before your purchase

This class requires you do complete homework competencies on a scheduled basis to achieve the goals set for you.

Core 1- Introduction to Handgun fit and function, as well as determining how you will carry and the mindset required to function in a public environment with your firearm on you.  We dive into choices of gear and carry options as well as understanding how to dress to your gun to avoid unwanted attention.  Mindset and safety are emphasized intensely during this training and you will be tasked to either choose a handgun or practice dry-fire with the one you already own.

Core 2- You will need the handgun you will carry and the holster/option you will use for everyday carry (EDC) we dive into employing the handgun with the basics of handling and manipulation as well as the basics of dry-fire drills and malfunction clearing

Core 3- You will need 150 rounds of brass cased ammunition as well as the handgun and the holster you will use. Range day is so you can understand your body mechanics and how to think about using your firearm for self defense.

PRICE: $125.00 for day 1 only

PRICE: $300.00 Full Course                                                                Schedule Appointment

--------Texas Certified License to Carry

The course is the State requirement of 4-6 hours of classroom instruction followed by a written exam, and a proficiency demonstration on the range. 
If you have a gun, and you have never fired it, we offer MANY courses to help you achieve a safe and confident level of proficiency and safety with your handgun prior to obtaining your license.

Our focus is on producing responsible, knowledgeable and confident licensees. 

PRICE: $89.99                                                                                       Schedule Appointment

--------Women's Comprehensive Self Defense Course

The course is for women only (sorry fellas) we have developed a course of instruction that is focused on both  the mental and physical aspects of conflict response in daily life.  Your safety and security our our main concerns as we discuss Situational Awareness, Threat Identification, Physical Responses and Hand to Hand engagement with a threat.

It is important to understand that this is the first step in a journey that will lead you to a safer more capable lifestyle an that once you have attended, it is imperative that you continue to educate and build yourself into the person you would like to be.  

PRICE: $50.00                                                                                                        Schedule Appointment


--------NRA First Steps Course

 This course is for the beginning shooter with no previous experience handling a pistol. The course is specific to one gun.  The gun you are interested in purchasing.  If you already own guns, or have already been to a public range, you may want to look at a higher level of instruction. If this is you, check out our Basic Tactical Pistol course.

PRICE: $125.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment


--------NRA Basic Pistol Course

 NRA Basic pistol is a curriculum driven NRA program designed to give you all the basics for shooting modern pistols and revolvers. 

PRICE: $150.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment



--------Tactical Pistol Training

This course is for the novice shooter it is designed to to build fundamentals focused on safety and marksmanship.  we take you through the process of understanding how your firearm functions and how to maintain/clean it. 100 rounds of brass cased ammunition.  3-4 hours classroom and range time.

PRICE: $125.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment



Course is an expansion of Basic tactical pistol with an emphasis on reducing excessive movement and malfunction drills.  We will shoot a 50 round diagnostic course to identify strengths and weaknesses prior to advancing to the dynamic portion of the course.  Multiple shooting positions and manipulating the handgun in a dynamic stress environment are core competencies in 101.  this class is not designed for the new shooter..  250 rounds of brass cased ammunition are required for this course. 4 hours range and classroom.

PRICE: $175.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment



Course builds on all your fundamentals, adding movement and multiple threats in a stress induced environment.  Handgun manipulation, malfunctions and threat response are all a part of this course work.  500 rounds of brass cased ammunition are required.  PREREQUISITE:  Tactical Pistol 101 or equivalent are required for this course.  4-6 hours depending on shooter proficiency

PRICE:$225.00                                                                                      Schedule Appointment


---------Carbine Courses
Basic Carbine

This course is an introduction to the tactical carbine.  We will cover basic carbine manipulation, marksmanship, and safe operation of your rifle.  Students split time between classroom instruction and practical application.  Caliber 7.62mm (.308) and lower are required for this course. 400 rounds of brass cased ammunition are required. Course duration is 4 hours.

PRICE: $125.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment


Tactical Carbine

This course is for the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) enthusiast.  The bulk of your time will be shooting against the clock while working your carbine to understand manipulation, mindset, communication and the threat environment.  This course is intense for the shooter.  500 rounds of brass cased ammunition.  6 hours of instruction.

PRICE: $175.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment



--------Shotgun Courses

Introduction to Defensive Shotgun

This course is designed to get you familiar with the safe handling and operation of your home defense shotgun.  We teach you how the platform is maintained and used in defensive environments.  Emphasis is put on safety and the basics of shooting a shotgun for defense.  

PRICE: $125.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment

Shotgun Dynamics

This course is designed to enable you to employ the shotgun platform for personal defense in a variety of situations with a variety of loads in a dynamic environment, including induced stress.  We teach you how the platform is manipulated and maintained.  Intensive and fun are the words used for this "street howitzer" class. 

PRICE: $175.00                                                                                     Schedule Appointment


--------Private Instruction

We are proud to offer private instruction in a one-on-one setting or in small groups of 4 or less.  Instruction is available for basic marksmanship and introduction to guns through advanced classes for professionals.  We will contact you to provide an individualized course of instruction to focus on your needs.

PRICE: 2 hour minimum cost $75.00 per shooter per hour             Schedule Appointment