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Available in San Antonio area and surrounding counties.  We afford you the opportunity to take the classroom portions of the following courses in the comfort and security of your own home:

Texas License to Carry classroom portion

NRA Basic Pistol classroom

NRA First Steps

All other course work in done at the range. 

It is important to stress that all classroom environments must be professionally conducted.  Parents, please ensure your children are fully occupied and/or supervised by someone not attending the class.  We all understand that flexibility is required, but please be ready to enjoy the class and learn.  Multitasking during a course is not advised and could be a detriment to the learning environment. 

Families with babies under 18 months old, we can provide the in-home instruction in shorter blocks that allow more break times to ensure that you get the most out of your experience.  Just let us know during registration what your needs are.